City Tower


City tower cranes fill the gap in the market between self erecting cranes and full tower cranes.

City tower cranes are built in a similar way to full tower cranes, using modular sections to achieve the required size.

As the tower sections are 1.2 Meters square they are ideal to be erected within a lift shaft and lifted out once the building is nearing completion.

There are two methods for erecting the crane, either a sacrificial section is concreted in to the ground and the crane is built off that. The other option is to have a concrete pad laid and the crane base is positioned centrally and concrete ballast weights are used to secure the tower.

City tower cranes are pedestrian operated which can reduce labour costs and add to productivity.

  • Other key points:
  • Reduce building times
  • Exact distribution of materials
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce site traffic
  • Low operating costs